Custom Glass Table Tops for Home or Office

Do you own a beautiful wood dining table or office desk that you want to protect from dents, scrapes or other damage? Using glass to cover your wood furniture will help preserve and protect your wood from scratches, water stains and pen indentions while still displaying the natural beauty of the wood. Relax and enjoy your furniture without the worry.

If you have an existing table that does have damage, you can easily dress it up using fabric, pictures, silk flowers under a glass top to create a unique look that just takes minutes to achieve. This is a great way to dress up older furniture and give it some new flare.

You can also create tables by re-purposing furniture with a custom glass table top. Think outside the box! An old trunk, drum, or custom-made frame can instantly be transformed into a table by adding a glass table top. Create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to impress.

The ways glass can be used are nearly endless, both at home and at work. We pride ourselves in our custom glass works and will help you regardless the size of the project.

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