Create a Unique Kitchen Island with Custom Glass

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where people come together whether to cook, eat or meet for a cup of coffee. In today’s busy world, sometimes quality family time isn’t always possible. Make big improvements to your home with small changes. Create a unique kitchen island that gives your family a place to land; a place to meet and talk about their day, to share a meal or family gatherings.

Kitchen islands enhance traffic flow in the kitchen and can provide extra seating for your growing family or guests. Today’s families are busy and require low maintenance items that are durable and functional and will last many years with just basic care. Choose an island with plenty of drawer space, extra cupboards or even add an extra sink for increased versatility. For those who have a larger kitchen the use of an island with a glass top makes a great place for food preparation. Glass island tops are made of tempered glass making them hygienic as they are non-porous and easy to clean and resistant to stain. The sparkle of glass in your kitchen will add visual appeal, as well as up that additional wow factor.

Textured glass tops can be used in rooms begging for more visual interest and drama. Glass tops on your island can enhance the natural light coming into your room. Add a raised glass top to your island when wanting to create a unique restaurant theme, metro or visually modern kitchen, accentuating clear lines and functionality.

Choose from many custom made colors to create an interesting focal point in your room. Incorporate many artistic color traits to add visual art to your room or to accompany a theme in your kitchen. Glass top islands can integrate seamlessly to any home decor.

Celebrate adding heart to your home. Finish that current remodeling project, with a new glass top kitchen island! Glass is beautiful and adds uniqueness to every room. Impressive and durable, tempered glass is sure to add beauty to your home for years to come.