How Commercial Glass Design Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, you might be thinking it’s time to update your existing glass or design a new space. Here’s how high-quality, well-designed glass projects can benefit your business.

Increase Energy Efficiency

For a business, every penny counts. Money lost to high energy bills could be spent on recruitment, training, inventory, or another important aspect of the business.

Updated windows can improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills overall. Today’s double-pane windows—with their extra layer of insulation between the two panes—allow less heat to escape than traditional single-pane windows. They can save you up to 15 percent on your energy bills each year, in comparison with single-pane windows. Double-pane windows offer a solid return on investment in energy savings.

Double-pane windows also come with a low-E coating, which helps regulate the interior temperature: the coating reflects heat energy, keeping heat out during the summer and in during the winter. Low-E coating also prevents fading due to UV radiation—something that is important for art gallery and furniture store owners alike.

Finally, in addition to improved energy efficiency and a reduction in UV exposure, double-pane windows offer better noise reduction—something that might be important to you if your office or storefront is in an area with heavy traffic.

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Improve Employee Productivity

It’s a little-known fact that office design can greatly impact an employee’s happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Regardless of how much they enjoy the job itself, employees don’t want to work in a space that is dark and dreary—in short, a space that is uninspiring. A well-designed office, on the other hand, can become a space where employees want to spend time and do their best work.

Exposure to sunlight has been shown to affect a person’s moods. (You might have noticed that your employees are grumpier in the winter.) Adding large picture windows to your store or office will brighten the space and make your employees happier. And happier employees, studies have shown, are actually 12 percent more productive on average. That’s a huge increase from a small change in design!

Similarly, glass walls will let in more natural light. In addition, they have the benefit of giving the feel of an open office while maintaining privacy. With glass walls, employees don’t have to worry about dealing with intrusive noise, but they will still have a sense of openness and connectedness with their colleagues.

Appeal to potential customers

A beautiful store-front will always be more appealing to consumers than an unattractive one, for obvious reasons: people are visual creatures who equate beauty with quality.

Unfortunately, what was once in style can become outdated and unappealing. If your business is in need of a refresh, consider glass design. A well-designed glass remodel can add professionalism and inspire confidence in your business.

When utilizing glass in the workplace, it isn’t just energy efficiency and aesthetics you have to consider. If you’re ready for new commercial windows, be sure to check out our storefront window buying guide.

At Jack’s, we have more than seven decades of experience in glass repair and design. We can help you with your commercial glass design project, whether it involves replacement windows, storefront glass, display units, glass entrances, or etching. We focus on doing the job correctly and finishing on schedule with a final result that exceeds your expectations!

If you’re not up to a major renovation project right now, even just small touches of glass can make a workspace feel updated. For instance, consider incorporating glass tabletops for a distinguished look. They can also make the space feel larger. If you do decide to opt for a smaller glass project, be sure to take advantage of our online store where you can have purchases shipped right to your door.

Still have questions about glass design for your workplace? Be sure to check out our commercial windows and glass FAQs or contact the pros at Jack’s Glass today.