Check Your Windshield Before Taking That Road Trip!

June is National Safety Month and the beginning of vacation and travel season. Most drivers have their car serviced before leaving for a long trip. They think of oil changes, fluid checks and tires, but often forget to check the windshield.

Why is the windshield so important? A car’s windshield was designed for the safety of the driver and passengers, serving to protect against weather, support the roof in case of a rollover or other type of accidents, and keep occupants from being ejected. The windshield is just as important a part of safety in your vehicle as the air bags, seatbelts and child restraints.

  • No one can predict when a windshield will chip or crack. However, studies show that stressors like temperature changes or even driving can cause a windshield chip to crack.
  • Existing chips in your windshield can also weaken the structure of the glass. Potholes, speed bumps and rough roads can put enough pressure on your windshield to turn a chip into a crack.
  • Also, exposure to extreme temperatures during the summer can cause a chip in the windshield to split into vertical cracks. And cooling from the air conditioner can cause a chipped windshield to crack horizontally.

So getting those chips repaired before they turn into cracks is the best way to ensure safety. Repairs to chips or windshield replacements should always be performed by technicians who are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Don’t let a cracked windshield jeopardize your safety or put a damper in your summer plans.

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