Car Windshield Repair: Will my insurance rates increase?

With the frequent and sometimes severe storms hitting the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area this summer, there are a few hazards to look out for when it comes to your vehicle. Any storm can make driving risky, but high winds can also cause extensive damage to your car if tree branches, power lines or debris is thrown onto it or gets knocked down on top of it.

If you’ve experienced vehicle damage due to a summer storm, what does this mean for your insurance? Will your rates increase? If you have purchased comprehensive car insurance before disaster struck, most reputable car insurance companies will not raise your premiums. If your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, this type of claim usually doesn’t affect rates although it will go on your insurance claim record.

While it may be tempting to opt out of comprehensive auto insurance in order to save money on your insurance premium, if damage occurs from harsh weather, will you be able to afford the cost of repair? Comprehensive and collision insurance are worthy investments to ensure you will be covered both on and off the road. Insurance policies vary from company to company, so check with your provider to see what types of damage are considered “non-collision damage.”

Without comprehensive auto insurance, any damage your vehicle or windshield sustains from a storm will have to be paid out of pocket, even though your rates are not likely to increase. But if you’re thinking you can live with dents and minor cracks to your windshield to avoid the cost of repairs, think again. Vehicle damage caused by a storm may not be just superficial – you may have undetected internal damage as well. It’s important to remember that even minor cracks to your windshield can worsen over time, especially when temperatures change. Heat waves and cold snaps can make cracks or chips expand rapidly, becoming more dangerous and ultimately costing you more. If your vehicle or windshield has been damaged in a storm, it’s best to get an inspection as soon as possible and notify your insurance company to discuss your options.

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