Can thermal pane windows keep your family safe?

Yes, thermal pane windows can actually improve your home’s security and safety. Why?

  • Because they’re constructed using multiple panes of high-performance glass, offering more protection from outside intrusion.
  • Because their heightened construction makes them safe for first-floor windows and doors close to ground level where break-ins often occur.

Other advantages include:

  • Keeping outside temperature outside with their double to triple-pane thickness.
  • Reduced energy consumption, cutting your heating and cooling costs.
  • A long life. Assuming thermal windows are properly maintained and the right kind of thermal pane is used, their lifespan is approximately ten years.
  • A quieter home. Outside noise such as traffic and neighbors can’t infiltrate as easily as it does with single pane windows.

So, if increased interior comfort, added security and a quieter living environment are important to you, consider installing thermal pane windows in your home.