Can my insulated glass be repaired?

In many of today’s modern households, insulated windows are now the standard for window choice. These types of windows have a reputation of being durable and long lasting, but are still susceptible to the occasional problem. When insulated glass windows starts to fog up it is typically due to the age of the absorption material inside of the frame (usually at 10-15 years old) or to improperly installed or damaged seals. Moisture can then enter and starts to build up, fogging the window either temporarily or permanently. Homeowners will commonly refer to this is as a ‘failure’ of the window insulation or a ‘failed’ seal.

Minor damage to the seal of an insulated window often appears as moisture that comes and goes. However, a serious issue with the absorption material will appear as permanent moisture, and will eventually become too cloudy to see through, blocking all visibility. If the damage becomes too severe, the window itself can also begin to rust and possibly even start to mold because of the constant moisture.

If the seal damage has not progressed too far, repair is still an option, although it’s best performed by a trained professional to prevent any future or repeat seal damage. If the damage is severe, the best solution is to have a professional entirely replace the window. Rust and mold damage usually indicate that the window is beyond repair and replacement is the only effective option. Another factor in determining replacement or repair is the actual amount of moisture in the window. Repairs are performed by drilling tiny holes in targeted areas of the seal in order to allow air in to dry out the window. Once the window is fully dry, the holes can be properly sealed again. However, even without signs of mold or rust, if the amount of moisture is too great, it can take months to fully dry out before a repair can be completed, and it’s at this point that replacement becomes the better option from the start.

Because complete replacement can be somewhat expensive, it’s important to go over all your repair options with your local glass professionals. The recommended course of action is to arrange a consultation where the technician can evaluate the damage and offer you the best options and opinions. Contact the professionals at Jack’s Glass for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

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