Can Glass Furniture Be Repaired?

Glass furniture is beautiful: depending on the style of the piece, it can look elegant and dramatic or simple and modern. Glass is an incredibly popular material in home decor, and this is for good reason! Its beauty and versatility make it an excellent choice in just about any home. In fact, here are some unique glass design ideas to consider. Glass can also be used to make a space feel larger and more open. Here are some tips on using glass to make a space feel bigger.

If you are considering glass furniture, or have glass furniture in your home already, you might be concerned about keeping it functional. What happens to glass if it is damaged? Can it even be repaired?

The good news is, yes, glass can be repaired in some cases. Keep reading to find out what can be repaired and what has to be replaced, below.

When it comes to repairing furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind: the size and location of the damage on the piece, the sentimental value of the piece, and whether or not the piece is tinted or frosted.

It’s generally possible to repair chips and cracks smaller than the palm of your hand. In addition, small chips and cracks that are not front-and-center on the piece of furniture (such as a chip near the edge of a table top) can usually be repaired.

Significant damage, however, is not worth being repaired. If a pane of glass in your cabinet door has shattered completely, for example, it’s a better idea to replace the pane. This route is both more time and cost-effective. The same goes for damage that is very noticeable: if it will bother you to look at a repair spot in the middle of your dining room table top, for example, it should be replaced rather than repaired.

In addition to the amount and location of the damage, it’s also important to take into account the sentimentality of the piece. You might decide to replace the glass in a just-purchased cabinet but decide to repair an antique mirror that’s been in your family for years.

Finally, the presence of tint or frosting will impact whether or not you want to repair the glass. If the glass is tinted or frosted, repairs will likely be visible—something that you may or may not find acceptable.

To prevent damage to your glass furniture in the first place, we recommend using glass protectant. Glass protectant can help to protect the glass from hard water staining, dust, dirt, and scratches. Glass cleaner is also recommended to leave your glass clear and streak-free.

Glass maintenance, repair, and replacement are easier and more inexpensive than you might think—so don’t let the relative vulnerability of glass put you off buying a show-stopping piece for your home!

Many glass companies, including Jack’s Glass, provide glass repair and replacement for a very reasonable cost. If you need something replaced, you can work with Jack’s to get glass custom-fit to your furniture. This includes cabinet doors, table tops, mirrors, and more.

If you need help repairing or replacing a piece of glass furniture, look no further than Jack’s Glass. Our family-owned and operated company has been serving families throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati for more than 70 years. Our glass professionals focus on providing the best customer service along with expert advice, design, and products. Contact us at our Elsmere, Dry Ridge, or Covington locations today.