Auto glass damage – can it be repaired?

Summer is in full swing, and warmer weather usually means more drivers enjoying the road – whether out for a country tour, driving to a vacation destination or heading to and from parks and pools. The summer weather can also bring increased risk to your auto glass. Freak storms, flying debris, hail and intense windstorms are a strain on auto glass and can easily shatter windshields – especially those that already have some damage present. Given the right conditions, even the smallest windshield chips can rupture into a completely shattered windshield. However, according to the U.S. National Windshield Repair Association, many types of windshield damage (especially chips or cracks) can be successfully repaired.

Cracks make up the bulk of typical windshield damage, and occur mostly because of impact damage or natural window stress. Most small cracks can be repaired with a filler compound. Stress cracks in the windshield can be repaired, but often return due to continued stress on the glass. Larger cracks, such as those that have spread into a circular bull’s-eye or web pattern, can be easily repaired without having to remove the glass – eliminating the hassle or expense of full windshield replacements.

Windshields that have suffered a full shatter or gouging that penetrates both layers of glass should be replaced immediately. For both safety and visibility reasons, a mobile glass specialist should be contacted immediately for replacement rather than attempting to drive the automobile to a repair location.

So if small chips, cracks or gouges are marring your windshield, schedule a repair immediately. Waiting could lead to larger, unsafe cracks – or even a shattered windshield – and preventing you from enjoying your summer driving to the fullest.

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