A Touch of Glass for your Kitchen Cabinets

Thinking of remodeling ideas for your kitchen? Why not add a touch of class with glass for your new kitchen. Transform your existing cabinets with glass cabinet fronts and save time and money while adding increased value to your home. The use of glass front cabinets will put your home a step ahead with potential buyers. Glass is being used for several facelifts in the kitchen. Add elegance and create the illusion of a bigger space with glass. Glass can used be used to brighten up your breakfast nook and add sparkle to your kitchen as well. Create sleek lines, the illusion of windows or create a focal point and additional light while transforming your outdated kitchen.

Adding glass fronts to existing cabinetry provides many functional uses as well. The use of glass front cabinetry helps to add visual interest and break up the expanse of wood cabinetry or to help balance color in your kitchen. Forget about opening cabinet doors to locate needed items. Easily locate your special dishes for the family gatherings, keep cabinets organized and everything you need in plain sight. Prefer a little more privacy in your kitchen? Consider using etched or frosted glass to add texture to store items you don’t want to display or for those mix and matched items. Glass front cabinetry also helps to keep your dishes dust free. Recycled glass is environmentally friendly and non-porous making them easy to keep clean and resistant to stain.

Glass cabinet fronts fit in perfectly with traditional and modern kitchen designs. The use of traditional glass doors go best with an engraved vintage look and can be mixed with light and dark brown, yellow or cherry wood frames. Thinking of a more modern design? Try a plain glass design, with stainless steel frames or handles, added with cool colors such as light or dark grey, black and white. Use colorful dishware as a decorating accent when not in use.

Consider glass to give your cabinets a view to add drama and create visual interest in your kitchen. Whatever design you have in mind, allow glass in the cabinets to define your kitchen whether light and airy, traditional or modern.

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