5 Beautiful Glass Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There’s a reason that kitchens get so much attention in a home: we spend so much time there, which makes it really important that the space is both functional and beautiful.

That’s where glass cabinetry comes in. Glass cabinets have been popular for decades—long after other types of glass furniture have come in and gone out of style—because they are incredibly practical and attractive in all different styles of kitchens, from traditional to contemporary. Glass cabinets allow you to see where everything is: no more thoughts of, “Now where did I put that serving bowl, again?” And for those of us who are—ahem—a little less organized, fear not: there are less transparent types of glass that will give a similar look without displaying the clutter within.

Let’s take a look at five beautiful glass kitchen cabinet styles. Keep reading to find out which will suit your kitchen best.

#1 Clear Glass

Clear glass cabinets are completely transparent, so they’re ideal for the super-organized and for displays of family heirlooms, like fine china. If your goal is to display your most treasured pieces, you might also want to consider adding lights to the interior of the cabinet to enhance the display.

This type of glass is at home in every style of kitchen.

#2 Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is ideal for those who like the idea of glass cabinetry but aren’t comfortable putting everything on display. Frosted glass will be opaque enough to hide any mess while still showing the color and shape of the cabinet contents.

This type of glass works well in modern kitchens.

#3 Stained Glass

Stained glass is an elegant option with a ton of variety. Depending on the colors and design of the glass, it can show or obscure the contents of the cabinet.

This type of glass is beautiful in traditional or vintage (especially Art Deco) kitchens. It works for both the whole kitchen and as an accent piece.

#4 Seeded Glass

Seeded glass is a mostly transparent type of glass that gets its bubbly appearance from the gas trapped at its surface. Although it’s textured, it does show the interior of the cabinet clearly: this makes it a good fit for the same homeowners who are attracted to clear glass.

This type of glass looks great in vintage and rustic kitchen designs.

#5 Textured Glass

Textured glass, like stained glass, comes in a wide variety of designs. Like frosted glass, textured glass cabinets tend to blur the serving ware inside without completely hiding it. The glass can be also more or less transparent, depending on the style that you choose.

This type of glass cabinet shines in modern, contemporary homes.

Glass cabinets vary not only in the style of glass; they are also available in a number of different cabinet types and designs. For example, if you’re low on space, consider cabinets with sliding (instead of swinging) glass doors. If you don’t want to display all of the items in your kitchen, consider using glass cabinets strategically: you can use a few glass cabinets to visually break up a wall of cabinetry or highlight a specific area of your kitchen. Glass cabinets themselves can also be used as an accent (especially when the glass used is stained glass). Finally, the woodwork of the cabinet can be an important part of the design: the woodwork can be used to make the glass front arched, rather than rectangular, or it may be used to break up the glass into panes and create a windowpane effect.

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