4 Ways to Add Frosted Glass to Your Home

Frosted glass is both beautiful and practical: in addition to adding decorative designs to glass, it also allows you to add privacy without sacrificing light. This type of glass is a wonderful addition to bathrooms, in particular: think frosted glass shower enclosures, walls, and windows.

If you are thinking of added frosted glass to your home, there are a few ways to go about it. Like most home improvement projects, these options run the gamut in terms of price and labor. Some homeowners prefer to leave it to the professionals, while others would rather roll up their sleeves.

Below, we’ll explain four options for getting a luxe look with frosted glass, from the most to the least expensive. Consider which makes the most sense for your space and budget.


Sandblasting typically involves using a high-speed machine to blast sand, walnut husks, or another abrasive material onto the glass. Sandblasting will give you the most professional result. It also has the advantage of offering a wide variety of options for design and opacity, so you can customize the look of your glass.

Sandblasting is the best permanent solution for large areas, making it ideal for homeowners or company offices. Because this option involves professional labor and specialized machines, it is the most costly of all your options.


Etching is another way to add a permanent frosted effect to glass. It involves using a glass etching cream, found online and in many craft stores. After the cream is applied (according to the package instructions), the area is scrubbed with a brush and left to sit. Finally, it is rinsed with water.

Etching is not a great option for covering large areas of glass; however, it may be good for homeowners who want to frost a small window or add decoration to a piece of glass top furniture. Because it is often DIY, etching is less expensive than sandblasting.


Films, unlike sandblasting and etching, are reversible. These films can be cut to fit and placed over a window to give it a frosted look. Because the film has to be cut to fit and stuck to the window, it will not give the same professional look as a piece of sandblasted or etched glass. Nonetheless, it might be a good option for renters—who may not be allowed to change their space—or even homeowners who enjoy changing up their decor often. It is also better than etching at covering large surfaces, but it can still be tricky: it must be applied evenly or there will be creasing and bubbles in the film.


Coatings, like films, are another non-permanent option that is good for those on a budget. The coating can often be removed with a paint scraper. You can find coatings at most hardware and craft stores. (Rustoleum is a popular brand.) These spray-on coatings have a wide margin for error, however. When applying the coating, it is important to go slowly and carefully: if you spray too close to or too far away from the glass, you may end up with a coating that looks uneven and patchy.

We hope this helped you determine the best option to add frosted glass to your home! Here at Jack’s, we love to help people throughout Kentucky and the tri-state area find the best windows and glass pieces for their home or office. If you have more questions about windows, glass furniture, glass design, or another related topic, don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our three convenient locations.