3 Reasons To Have A Custom Glass Trophy Case

Why should you invest in a glass display case? Here are three reasons to have a custom glass trophy case—whether for your school, business, or even your home!

Keep reading to learn why you should consider a custom glass trophy case, and how Jack’s Glass can help you create the trophy case of your dreams.

#1 Glass Trophy Cases Are the Best Way to Showcase Valuables

There’s nothing quite like a glass trophy case to showcase the items inside. A glass trophy case draws the eye, exuding elegance and sophistication. They’re timeless: the case will never look dated, tacky, or out of place.

But not only is the case itself beautiful; the items inside are showcased beautifully. The case gives your valuables the spotlight—often literally, if you choose to add backlights to the case!

When you have a glass display case, you let everyone know that your valuables or products are special and worthy of highlighting. For schools, this helps to commemorate your students’ wonderful accomplishments. For businesses, this helps to advertise and sell products. And for homes, this helps to highlight your mementos.

#2 Display Cases Add Organization and Security

For schools and businesses, especially, glass display cases are a must for additional organization and security.

Glass cases allow visitors or customers to see items without being able to disturb the display inside. This helps you keep the items organized while showcasing them to the best of their ability.

In addition, a display case offers extra security that is necessary for valuables. Within a locked display case, items are more protected from damage or theft than they would be if left on a regular shelf.

For additional security, you might even consider using laminated or tempered glass for the display case: this kind of glass is harder to break than traditional glass, and when it does break, it doesn’t shatter into jagged shards. This also makes it safer for employees and customers in the case of accidents.

#3 Glass Trophy Cases Are Durable and Easy to Clean

There’s a reason why glass is the choice of many schools, businesses, and homeowners for their trophy cases. Glass is simply more durable and easy to clean than other materials.

Unlike acrylic, glass doesn’t stain or cloud. It also doesn’t scratch easily. That means your items will stay the focal point, since stains or scratches won’t be preventing anyone from seeing inside.

Plus, glass is easy to clean. It only takes a quick dusting or a wipedown with glass cleaner to leave glass looking bright and beautiful. (This is unlike acrylic, which is easily damaged by cleaning products and scratched by sponges.)

We’re Here to Help

Jack’s Glass has decades of experience managing commercial and residential glass projects.

We’re here to help you create a display case that does your valuables justice—whether they’re school trophies, signed baseballs, or diamond necklaces. We’re the experts in installation, repair, and replacement for all your glass needs, and we always use the highest quality glass and materials. Our designers are here to help you from start to finish.

If you are considering a glass trophy case for your business, school, or home, contact Jack’s Glass. We’re happy to talk about how we can help you.

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